Hey Crypto Friends, this site is owned and operated by entreprenur who currently serves as a Vice President for top main street bank in the United States. He has 18 years experience in Financial Services, specializing in Treasury Management and Fintech. In 2016 he became an early adopter of blockchain and cryptocurrency and offers private services in this space.   That is when the fun started to surface in his work: he gained an understanding of block chain’s significance for the world and generations to come.

  • Early on in this journey mistakes with cryptocurrencies were made and lessons were learned the hard way

  • Wallets were lost, hacked and cryptocurrencies were sent to the wrong addresses due to lack of security and or education

  • Valuable cryptocurrencies and bitcoin were stolen and went missing

  • This lead him to cryptocurrency education and the significant benefits of bitcoin hardware wallets

  • His first hardware wallet was the Trezor One. This is when my mistakes and losses ended

  • Since then, he has been working to educate friends and all who would like to learn about cryptocurrencies about the importance of hardware wallets to secure bitcoin

Some key lessons learned on this journey include:

  • 2008, USA’s monetary system is broken beyond repair

  • 2011, everyone should have assets outside of the current financial system and in their own possession

  • 2013, derivatives are used to manage and control market prices

  • 2015, the current global fiat monetary system not sustainable

  • 2016, gold and silver are great stores of value but not a great form of money due to storage and transfer challenges.

  • 2016, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can solve this problem and have made major progress since 2008. They will be the new form of money

  • 2017, security, security, security. If you are not educated and practice protecting your bitcoin you will lose your digital assets

  • 2017, if you do not hold your private keys in your possession you do not own your bitcoin and cryptocurrency

  • 2018, a bear market has provided the opportunity for many to accumulate cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. Hopefully you are one of those individuals who took advantage and are now securely storing you bitcoin.

  • 2018, the transition to a token based economy took place an no one (95% of the world) realized. This will continue and be very apparent in 2019 - 2022 as cryptocurrencies go mainstream

As you learn more about the blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies take time to protect your digital assets with the best wallets for bitcoin!