Trezor One vs Model T

The most trusted hardware wallet in the world. Trezor One is the original hardware wallet first introduced in 2014. It’s firmware continues to be updated and as of 2019 includes Changelly, Coinmama and others to buy or exchange coins and tokens while never leaving your wallet. This is eliminates exchange hack risks and makes it very easy to sell and buy bitcoin or litecoin or ERC20 tokens.

With it’s secure design and value cost, you cannot go wrong. Trezor One is a great starter crypto wallet. Cost is $75 USD. Get your Trezor One crypto wallet hardware today!


Trezor One Review and Features

  • Strong security by design

  • A pioneer in hardware wallets

  • 500 coins and tokens supported

  • Recovery seed backup

  • Coinmama, Changelly and multiple exchanges built in

  • Value price

  • 5 start customer support


Trezor One vs Model T

  • Model T supports ADA and Ripple

  • Model T is x-ray and airport safe

  • Model T has a color touch screen

  • Model T supported coins are over 700

Trezor One Supported Coins

  • BTC, BCH and all hard forks

  • ETCH and ERC20 tokens like: PPT, IOST, FUN, THETA, SALT, RVT


  • Will support Tezos, XTZ

  • 100’s more coins & tokens

  • Does not support: XRP, ADA, XRM, XTZ, LSK - check out the Model T which supports these

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Trezor One vs Model T

  • Trezor One is $80 USD cheaper

  • Trezor One like Model T has built in exchanges

  • Trezor One like Model T like keeps private keys secure in your own possession

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