The Ledger, Nano X is now available for pre order

First to order a new Nano X hardware wallet will receive a limited edition Bitcoin Genesis Block Nano X. This includes a custom engraved steel casing of a bitcoin logo rising from the mine.

What’s new in the Ledger Nano X genesis block edition hardware wallet?

The Nano X hardware wallet is Bluetooth enabled to work with your iPhone or Android smart phone while on the go. This offers users the security of a hardware wallet with great mobility for their busy lives. Worth noting, Bluetooth functionality maybe deactivated based on user preference.

An upgraded and more powerful security chip CC EAL5+ is used to drive the Nano X hardware. Upgraded from the ST31 chip is the Nano S to the more powerful ST33 chip in Nano X.

Upgraded BOLOS proprietary operating system by Ledger.

Digital assets supported exceed 1,100+. Up to 100 apps for coins and tokens can be supported at once on this new hardware wallet. This means out of the 1,100+ coins and tokens you can choose up to 100 to store securely at one time. This increase coin selection by 400+ coins when comparing the Nano X to Nano S.

The Ledger Nano X has a 100 mAh battery. This means your Nano X will last hours while in use with a laptop or phone and last months without a charge when stored for safe keeping.

Hardware architecture has evolved in the Nano X. The memory has been increased to allow for more coin storage and direct connections from the hardware buttons to the ST33 chip have been made for processing efficiencies.

The Ledger Nano X has a 100% improvement of the hardware wallet display. The Nano X is 128x64 pixels vs. the legacy Nano S 128x32 pixels. This creates a clear and cleaner hardware wallet view.

What’s the same between the Ledger Nano X Genesis Block edition and Nano S?

Like the Nano S your private keys never leave Nano X hardware’s secure and more powerful chip ST33.

A simple two button interface on the hardware wallets.

USB design, look and feel is almost identical to Ledger Nano S at a glance from a distance.

Both Ledger wallets work on laptops and computers with USB and can be used as home vaults.

Your existing 24 word password recovery seed. This means a new Nano X can be used by recovering with your Nano S 24 word recovery seed. After recovery you will have a Nano X for on the go and a Nano S for securely vaulting or home storage.

Nano X works and is compatible with ledger live, the original Nano S app for robust graphical representation of your bitcoin and digital assets.

A 2 year warranty from Ledger.

Ledger Nano X Genesis Block Edition Cost

$119 USD

Shipping will take place in March 2019 and includes complimentary free shipping. Order now to secure your limited edition Ledger Nano X Genesis Block edition!