Trezor Model T Review

Trezor Model T Review - Crypto Wallet Overview

A new crypto wallet review for 2019: the Trezor Model T is a next generation crypto wallet from Trezor who has been manufacturing the original hardware wallet the Trezor One since 2011.

In this Trezor Model T review we cover the Model t’s: physical appearance, technology, security, functionality, cool features, the pros, the cons, use cases and a summary on the Trezor Model T crypto wallet. There are a number of cool findings uncovered in this Trezor Model T Review so let dive in to find out.

Trezor Model T Review - Physical Appearance

Trezor Model T - the hardware wallet with tamper-evident-hologram

Trezor Model T - the hardware wallet with tamper-evident-hologram

The Trezor model T is 1.54 inches wide, 2.52 inches tall and .32 inches deep. The color is black and presently the only color option. The top of the Model T has the classic Trezor logo with lock embedded in the black casing. The bottom side has a mini USB 2.0 and 3.0 port to connect to your laptop and the screen is color touch screen, which is the first in the crypto wallet hardware industry.

Overall, the physical appearance out of the box is black, modern and sleek. The model T has a tamper-evident-hologram over the micro USB connection. This hardware wallet easily fits in your pocket only weighing 22 grams for travel. It’s black casing is sturdy, welded ultrasonically with no screws/bolts and feels very durable.

Trezor Model T Review - packaging out of the box

Trezor Model T Review - packaging out of the box

Trezor Model T Review - Technology and Security

The Technology in the Trezor Model T is cutting edge and focused on the zero trust principle. This principle means any part of a secure system can be compromised as some point. The Trezor Model T technology was designed and implemented with this in mind. Meaning even if there is a compromised part on your crypto wallet hardware your crypto is still safe.

Trezor Model T Review - ARM Cortex-M4 processor and chip

Trezor Model T Review - ARM Cortex-M4 processor and chip

Open Source software is a major plus for the Trezor Model T. This offers 100% transparency on what Trezor does with the model T code. Any developer can view their code and see how it works on gitHub. This means Trezor has nothing to hide. This also keeps your model T code free of bugs as they are pointed out immediately and fixed immediately.

Powering the Trezor Model T crypto wallet is the ARM Cortex-M4 processor @ 168 Mhz. This processor drives single purpose computing to securely access your private keys.

The primary authentication on the Trezor Model T is on screen pin entry. This is accomplished on the physical screen on the Trezor Model T. Because pin entry is done on the physical screen of the Trezor Model T malware cannot be utilized to compromise the crypto wallet. This is the only way to unlock your Trezor Model T and access your crypto wallets. This is a major security advantage in the design and the the Trezor Model T is the only hardware wallet on the market place with this on screen pin entry.

Verify and confirm is an awesome security component of crypto wallets like the Trezor Model T. This means you can verify the address of funds being sent on your Trezor Model T LCD screen and approve them to be sent. Without this crypto wallet and approval step, crypto will never leave your wallet. This is a standard feature in most hardware wallets.

The Trezor Model T is CE and RoHS certified, these are independent quality, reliability, and environmental standards that Trezor had accomplished. This means the Model T does not use known toxic materials and has met European quality standards.

One of the coolest pieces of technology in the Model T is the fact that X-Rays will not hurt your device, it’s X-ray proof making great for traveling by plane and in airports.

Trezor Model T Review - Bonus Technology and Security Features

There are two bonus features on the Trezor Model T hardware wallet that expand its functionality beyond a wallet and adds value.

Two factor authentication ,2FA is the first. Your Trezor Model T two-factor authentication can be used to secure any online account that supports universal two factor, U2F. Your hardware wallet will randomly create the secret authentication used in combination with a password to login to online accounts. U2F is commonly use across crypto exchanges, which is a good example of value added functionality

A password manager is the second value add. Not only is all your crypto secure, so are your passwords to key accounts like retirement, legacy fiat banking, apple id or other confidential systems. This is a bonus security feature built into the Trezor Model T.

Trezor Model T Review - Functionality

Trezor Model T has all of the basic features found in a crypto wallet. Sending and receiving crypto payments and transaction details are all packaged in. This section will cover some really cool features of the Trezor model T that our review has uncovered and are not commonly known about this crypto wallet hardware.

A dry run recovery test is built into the Trezor. This means before you load any crypto to your Trezor Model T wallet you can test your recovery seed to make sure it recovers your wallet. In the rare event you did not test your recovery see before loading your crypto for storage you can still test it before doing the actual process. This allows you to catch a potentially awful error before you need to be in a recovery situation. This test is one of the best pieces of functionality Trezor has built into the Model T.

Multiple accounts can be configured on the Trezor model T via a simple add account button. These accounts may also be labeled to distinguish between them. A good example is personal and business accounts. You may even divide that down further to specific divisions or purposes like a vacation account.

Trezor Model T Review - User Interface to Sign and verify

Trezor Model T Review - User Interface to Sign and verify

Signing and verifying transactions is easily done on the Trezor Model T. This is a simple design with signatures on left and verification on right of the webpage. This functionality provides hardware wallet address proof of ownership. The ease of use and simplicity of signing and verification is the reason we are calling this out as many users will not require this more advanced feature. Traditionally, its completed when 2FA is having problems to unlock your access.

Lock time can be configured between seconds and minutes to prompt pin entry authentication. I have found using 15 min works for me when using the Model T as I do not have to authenticate each time to complete my transfers or trades but at the same time have the Model T secured if I get side tracked by work, family or friends.

Wipe device is not a feature that may will use but available when needed. Before wiping the Trezor Model T prompts you to confirm this is really what you want to do. This prompt makes you think about it and from my perspective the only way this will happen is if you truly want it to. This in itself is a very nice control that other hardware wallets do not have.

Passphrase is another layer of security provided by Trezor and is something you can add to your Model T after you are comfortable operating it. Just like any new tech, you expand your use of it after getting the basics down. Passphrase is the same thing. Passphrase is a word or sentence of your choice that is added to access a new wallet. For very advanced users you can create hidden wallets with passphrases. Again, this is something I like to call ‘Whale functionality’ those users who have been in bitcoin for a decade since the begining and have Millions if not Billions to safeguard. Who knows, one day your satoshi’s may be worth the same!

Backup and mirroring a Trezor Model T is very simple and can be done quickly. This is one of the most important aspects of this Trezor Model T Review as so many people do not do this and do not realize it can be done. You can have two Trezor Model T’s that mirror one another with the same pin. One can be for the office and one can be for home or a vacation home. This provides the ultimate layer of continuity and very easy to do. You simply purchase a second Trezor Model T and during setup select ‘recover from seed’ enter your 24 words, which is your primary recovery method and you have now mirrored your Trezor Model T for safekeeping at two physical locations.


Trezor Model T is a next-generation vault for your crypto

Trezor Model T Review - Supported Coins

The Trezor Model T coins supported exceeds 700. This includes: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and all forks. Ripple, Stellar, Digibyte, Cardano, Monero, Dash, Zcash, MakerDAO, Tezos, VeChain, NEM, OMG and all ERC-20 tokens. See the complete list of supported coins here. The Trezor Model T is constantly adding coins monthly so in the rare event a crypto you own is not listed here, it will only be a matter of time before coin support is available.

Trezor Model T Review - Pros

  • The company has been in the hardware wallet business over 7 years since 2011. Their primary business is hardware wallets. Trezor release software updates and expanded functionality included supported coins monthly.

  • Open source code is fully transparent, which makes bugs remediated instantly. The Trezor code can be located on Github. by

  • A huge amount of supported coins are available on the Trezor Model T and the development teams adds coins monthly, plus has a roadmap to support the fast paced changes of the crypto economy.

  • On screen PIN entry that eliminates interaction with any party or hardware. Only your crypto wallet hardware and you can authenticate for use.

  • Security is built into it’s design and suppoted by software presently there is not another hardware wallet on the market that rivals the security in place here.

  • Ease of use is built into the Trezor wallet site to trade, send or receive crypto.

Trezor Model T Review - Cons

  • Trezor Model T is not made for mobile use or on the go. I believe this is by design. If using your hardware wallet with you iPhone or Android is important for your lifestyle Ledger has released the New Nano X in 2019 that is Bluetooth enabled for on the go.

  • The Model T is not fireproof, waterproof or EMP proof. To be fair, no hardware wallet at this point in 2019 is. There is a product called CryptoSteel that is and will safeguard your recovery seed from fire, water and EMP and this serves as an indestructible backup.

  • I would have liked to see a slightly bigger screen for my fingers during pin entry, however that may be my issue with my large fingers as opposed to Trezor Model T. If you take your time it works fine.

Trezor Model T Review - Use Case

The Trezor Model T is a great choice for individuals who have a portfolio of cryptocurrency and want to ensure proper security and ownership of private keys that are in your own possession. It’s also a great upgrade for legacy Trezor One users who’s crypto portfolio has matured as the same passphrase can be used to upgrade from a Trezor One to a Trezor Model T.

If you are new to crypto or only have a need to secure one or two coins you may want to look at the Nano S or Trezor One.

Trezor Model T Review - Cost

Cost is $ 168 USD or $149 EUR

When you purchase a package of 3 Trezor Model T’s for back up and continuity you can save $55 USD or $48 EUR.