Cryptosteel the new bitcoin wallet recovery tool

An indestructible physical backup tool for your hardware wallet recovery seed.

  • Cryptosteel is a pocket-sized stainless steel tool designed to securely store alphanumeric data of your choosing with no need for tools or third-party involvement.

  • Bitcoin wallet recovery seeds, private keys, backup phrases and passwords are assembled manually from the supplied alphanumeric characters. You can store up to 96 characters worth of confidential information in minutes, guaranteeing the safety and privacy of your data.

  • Cryptosteel is made of pure German steel. The highest grade, 304 steel available. This steel is the perfect combination of heat resistance, strength and corrosion resistance available on the bitcoin wallet recovery tool market.

  • This new bitcoin wallet recovery tool offers offline and cold storage of private keys, backup phrases and recovery seed.

  • Cryptosteel is free of 3rd parties and in your own possession offering the ultimate security and discresion.

  • Fireproof and safe from fires because of the high quality German steel 304 grade blend.

  • Waterproof and safe from floods

  • It is rare for a bitcoin wallet recovery tool to be electromagnetic pulse or EMP proof, however this one is.

  • Static electricity proof

  • Bolt Cryptosteel to a secure location of your choice

  • Own your recovery seed, private keys, pass phrases and keep them in your possession

Cryptosteel is the new bitcoin wallet recovery tool

Be your own Bank. Secure your financial future.