Ledger Nano S Overview

The Ledger Nano S is the most popular crypto wallet hardware for your bitcoin. The Ledger Nano S App (Ledger Live) offers portfolio graphs and displays of all crypto wallet hardware holdings. A simple pin code and easy to use interface are highlighted in this 1 minute video. Ledger Nano S supported coins include Ripple XRP, Stellar XLM, and 100s of your favorite coins. Secure your bitcoin now!

Ledger Nano S Benefits

  • Simplicity: two button management

  • Light weight and usb design

  • Supports over 700 cryptos, note limits with Ledger Nano S App

  • Security: a smart card chip the same chip used in passports in the Ledger

  • Driven by Ledger’s own operating system BOLOS

  • Ledger Nano S App (Ledger Live) for Mac and PC

  • Backup and easily restore by passphrase

  • Nano S is a great value for storing a handful of cryptos securely


Ledger Nano S Supported Coins

  • BTC, BCH and all hard forks

  • ETCH and ERC20 tokens like: PPT, IOST, FUN, THETA, SALT, RVT




  • 100’s more coins & tokens

  • Does not support: XRM, RVN - Model T Crypto Wallet Hardware supports these

  • Ledger Nano S App (Ledger Live) can only support up to 18 wallets and users have averages 10 wallets/coins. Ledger Nano X has significantly more capacity up to 100 wallets at once.

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Ledger Nano S App (Ledger Live) provides a great interface for your crypto portfolio.

Secure your bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Secure your financial future