Ledger vs Trezor

What Ledger vs Trezor have in common

  • Offline crypto wallet hardware

  • Pin code entry and 24 word backup seeds

  • U2F security

  • Multicurrency: Over 700 coins and tokens support when ERC-20 included

  • Price for Ledger Nano S vs Trezor One are comparable

    • Nano S is $60 USD or 53EUR Trezor One is $75 USD or 69EUR

  • Dedicated development teams focused on security and ease of use

  • You own your crypto wallet hardware private keys and may keep them in your own possession

Ledger vs Trezor: The Ledger difference

  • Comes in 6 different colors: pink, blue, clear, black orange, green

  • Secure operating system BOLOS

  • Ledger live companion app for Mac or PC

  • Smart chip used in security for for passports used in Ledger

  • Ledger Nano X crypto wallet hardware was released in 2019 boasting strong security and Bluetooth for iPhone and Android

  • Note, Ledger makes the Blue product an advanced bitcoin vailt that will be discontinued in 2019 to focus on the Nano S

Ledger vs Trezor: The Trezor difference

  • Model T has a color touch screen allows for on device pin entry and pass phrase entry

  • Encryption boasts SSH, U2F and Webauthn in on roadmap for 2019.

  • On device data and file encryption with password manager

  • Both Trezor One and Trezor Model T have Coinmama and Changelly exchanges built into the wallet to buy or exchange cryptocurrencies without leaving your crypto wallet hardware

  • Trezor plans to continue developing both the One and Model T products in 2019

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software comparison trezor vs ledger.png

Ledger Nano S

  • Simplicity: two button management

  • Light weight and usb design

  • 700 cryptos supported

  • Security: a smart card chip the same chip used in passports in the Ledger

  • Driven by Ledger’s own operating system BOLOS

  • Ledger live app for Mac or PC

  • Backup and easily restore by passphrase

Ledger Nano S Coins Supported

  • BTC, BCH and all hard forks

  • ETCH and ERC20 tokens like: PPT, IOST, FUN, THETA, SALT, RVT



  • 100’s more coins & tokens

  • Does not support: ADA, XSN, XRM, RVN, XTZ, LSK - Model T crypto wallet hardware supports these

ledger Nano S Color Choices

ledger Nano S Color Choices

Ledger Nano S Comparison to Tezor.png
ledger vs trezor Nano S.png


  • Strong GPG encryption

  • Color touch screen (Model T only)

  • SSF U2F Authentication

  • 700 cryptos supported

  • Coinmama and Changelly exchanges built in

  • Airplane and X-ray safe

  • Easy backup and password manager

  • 5 start customer support

  • Attractive and modern design

Trezor Model T Coins Supported

  • BTC, BCH and all forks

  • ETH, and all ERC 20 tokens such as: VERI, PPT, PPP, ADX, PLR, THETA, PAY, FUN, QTUM



  • Will support: Ontology, ONT and Ravencoin, RVN

  • 100’s more coins & tokens

Trezor model T hardware wallet benefits.png
Trezor Modle T wallet size and specs.png

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