Trezor Hardware Wallet Packages

Trezor hardware wallet packages can help you secure your bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. A popular package includes (3) hardware wallet products:

  • Trezor Model T - used as a primary hardware wallet during day to day use.

  • Trezor One - used as a backup hardware wallet for storage in the event a problem occurs with primary hardware wallet. One may also use a Trezor Model T as a backup hardware wallet.

  • Cryptosteel - used as a water proof, EMP proof and fire proof recovery seed. A backup to your backup for worst case situations.

This is the ultimate package of functionality with the Trezor model T, backup and continuity with the Trezor One and disaster recovery planning with Cryptosteel.

Using Two Trezor Hardware Wallets to secure your bitcoin

  • You may have two Trezors that mirror one another, simply setup your primary and use recovery seed to setup backup hardware wallet. This could be two Model T’s or two Trezor One’s or a combination. This approach may also be taken with the Ledger Nano S and the New Ledger Nano X.

    • Now you are set to use both hardware wallets at the same time.

  • Cryptosteel may be bolted to a secure location in your house or hidden behind walls for ultimate protection of your recovery seed. The choice is yours.

Secure your bitcoin and cryptocurrency

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